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Healthy festive foods for you and your loved ones

gluten-free dairy-free paleo AIP recipes

This book will provide you with mouthwatering recipes suited for special occasions, including family gatherings, festivities, and the holidays. Never feel left out again! And learn how to stay on track with easy, practical tools.

All recipes in this book are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and paleo. Most are AIP friendly too, meaning they cater to people who follow the autoimmune protocol. Many others are also nut and egg free, and, in addition, the majority of the desserts are free from refined sugar.

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Enjoy special occasions without regrets and deprivation!

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gluten-free dairy-free paleo AIP recipes
Health promoting ingredients and zero waste cooking methods

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Annika Schimmer
Certified Health & AIP Coach

Annika Schimmer is a Certified Health and Autoimmune Paleo coach as well as the creator of the food and wellness blog

Following the Autoimmune Protocol has helped her manage her rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. She is passionate about creating delicious recipes for people with food restrictions and living a sustainable lifestyle.

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